Futbol Talents

We offer a special service of transfer of Argentine soccer talent based on the following characteristics that are exceptional in the world of football:
- We select children from 17 years of age, in our quarries established by agreements, in various clubs in Argentina, with whom we collaborate.
- We bring them to Europe to play in the clubs chosen by us, based on contracts that guarantee accommodation and everything else.
- Regarding the Argentine player, we accompany him as if we were his parents and, according to his needs, we manage his image, communication and everything else throughout his professional career.


The work of Futbol Talents for its clients does not adhere to the canons of the traditional script of sports representation or transfer management. As we explained before Our work always goes further, aimed at covering all the needs of the player throughout his professional career: we offer you financial, tax, legal, image and communication management advice and a long list where life of the athlete is guaranteed both professionally, humanly and family.


The main representative who ensures our services is Ariel Arellano, a former professional footballer from Argentina and a resident businessman in Prague, with a rich previous trajector in the construction sector, in Spain and an extensive knowledge in the area of Cognitive Psychology. He speaks 4 languages including Spanish. Peter Kopa supports FUTBOLTALENTS and Ariel Arellano with his long professional experience in international financial affairs. He speaks 6 languages, including Spanish. He lived from 1947 to 1969 in AsunciĆ³n, Paraguay.


Peter Kopa


Its main activity is to support foreign investors (companies, funds, private investors, etc.) looking for good business opportunities in the Czech Republic. It is focused on two sectors: real estate and international trade.

Movil: +420 602352425

Email: peter@futboltalents.com


Ariel Arellano

Football Intermediary

Footballer by profession, entrepreneur, knowledge of cognitive psychology, director and owner of companies in the field of construction and gastronomy, currently as a consultant, intermediary and representation of footballers.

Movil: +420 702064528

Email: ariel@futboltalents.com


Mario David Torres


Former professional soccer player, a football intermediary with experience in many areas, from player negotiations, through player management, to commercial agreements. He has a successful career in managing players' careers from early stages to professional veterans.

Movil: +54 93886445642

Email: mario@futboltalents.com


Our quarries in Argentina

As is well known, Argentina is well known for the numbers of players who have triumphed in the world: Aimar, Ortega, Mascherano, Di Maria, Messi, Maradona, Crespo etc. Almost all have left modest clubs scattered throughout the Argentine territory. For this reason we have professional training quarries, with 17-19 year olds selected for their talent and for their character and personality conditions, so that they can gain recognition overseas. At the request of a club we can present players through videos and if there is interest the player travels to continue his career in Europe. Once the transfer conditions are signed, the player can come without further delay.


Help us to fulfill a dream for a child

Many children from 9 - 12 years who love the sport leave because they must work to help their parents, without a good diet, without basic elements of sports, these children grow frustrated ... this happens very often in Argentina and other places. Help us to help the children, ... with your help and ours we can make many children happy ... More information contact us



Prague, Czech Republic
Mobile: +420 702064528
Email: info@futboltalents.com
Ledesma, Jujuy, Argentina
Mobile: +54 93886445642
Email: info@futboltalents.com